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Residency artist
Carol Prud’homme Davis

Carol Prud’homme Davis, a native Texan moved to NYC to dance. She has served as visual artist in residence at both Peridance Capezio Center and the Sandra Cameron Ballroom Studio and has drawn over 100 companies and dance artists. She is once again resident visual artist at Peridance as well as The Anna Sokolow Dance Ensemble and sarAika. Carol’s work has been shown in the first American Contemporary Dance Museum exhibition (where her work is in the permanent collection), The East Texas Fair, Peridance, 288 Tom & Jerry’s, The Cooper Union windows, the Anna Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble website (“Rooms” gallery), Francesca Todesco’s website, Kathryn Atler of the Limon Company’s website and The Infinity Dance Theatre website. She is now illustrating books on Lynn Simonson and Kimberley Monroe’s “Helmet” which will be presented as a children’s puppet performance and book.  She looks forward to having her art image on the Anna Sokolow “Slaughter of the Innocents” album cover which will be performed live at the Smithsonian along with her artwork inspired by rare photos of Anna Sokolow performing “Slaughter of the Innocents. Carol’s image “Reflection and Reaction” was featured in the awarding winning video, “Pause”.   Carol’s artwork is the book cover on “A Dancer Writes Haiku” by Marie Paquet.Nesson.   In December 2021 her work was featured at the 6th Street/Avenue B projection ”Bowery Resident and Homeless Street Artists Exhibition” funded by LMCC and directed by Ms. Davis. Carol is the founder and owner of “Inside Change from Within” and “Inside Change, Inc.” both focus on social justice, food equity and arts exhibition, education and performance for all. 

featuring dance artists

Anna Sokolow : Rooms , Sidre Bell, Battery Dance, Alison Cook Beatty,  Guanglei Hui, Limon:( Alan Danielson, Kathryn Atler, Attica, Raphael Boumara, Sue Bernard, Geraldine Cardiel, Concerto Grosso, Iroyo, Betty Jones, Logan Krueger, Psalms, Rias Steinberg), Jesse Obremski, Igal Perry, Simonson : (Laurie DeVito, Katiti King, Diane McCarthy, Teresa Perez Ceccon, Lynn Simonson), Jae Man Joo, Princess Lockerooo, 

Are We There Yet: Alan Danielson 
Diane Auriel, Arthur Aviles Stephanie Batten Bland, Alyssa Breteramos, Camille A.A. Brown, Maria Bauman, Jaqueline Buglisi, Lecia Calcaguis, Cornell Callendar, Marie Carstens, Attila Joey Csiki, Dina Denis: Into the Light, Carolyn Dorfman, Catherine Gallant, Marianne Galassi, Samantha Geracht, Francesca Harper, Jody Herman, JDove Productions: Mariano Martinez, Florence Frittias, Jamel Gaines, Karina Gonzalez,, Evelyn Ifiegubu, Infinity Dance Theatre, Randy James, Carmen Jonson, Barbara Kane, Bill Kline, Mary Susan Sinclair Kuenning, Charlotte Landreau, Emery LeCrone, David Leung, Lloyd Knight 
 Erin Lemeux, Kate LohMarco, Reed Lupua, Melissa Martinez, Amy Marshall, Jim May: Edgar Alan Poe, Gina Mayer, Darrell Grande Moultre, Benny Ninja, Javier Ninja, , Elisa Scheiber Peterson, Kevin Polak, Dante Polchetti, Ellen Moon Pope, Alexandre Proi, Danielle Quisenberry, Manuel Ronda, Leidy Roas, Dana Ruttenberg, Yoeko Sashat, Jacquelyn Scafidi, Link Sekou, Caleef Sellars, Madeline Shen, Alice Sheppard, Irene Sposetti, Igor Shteynberg, Carmen Nicole Smith, Oliver Steele,  Kathryn Sullivan, Summation, Lynn , Ellen Tittler, Loretta Thomas, Francesca Todesco, Evelyn Tuul, Krishna Washburn, Max Stone, Jordan Washington, Ammanda Wells, Johannes Wiedman, Evita Zacharioglou, Hara Zi, Nikki Holck, ERic Delgado, Elisabetta Minutoli, Graciela Kozak, Elizabeth Farrell, Ejoe, Hector Invictus Lopez, Ebenzer Ackon, Kendrick Samuel, Korie Genius, Alex Anderson, sarAika 

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