by Peter Yesley



a dynamic dance which symbolize
the value of sisterhood
and the depth of relationships
in the intricate pathways

of connections


The trio “I choose myself” created for the protest in dance “Our Bodies” by Creative Performances.

‘I choose myself” aims to generate conversation and spark growth in regards to toxic cultural forces that impair women’s lives, focusing on translating voices into movement from those who identify as or resonate with the qualities of being a woman, delivering a universal message of equity, diversity, inclusivity, and human connection.

This piece was ideated and created by Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima and choreographed in collaboration with dancers May Nakaya and Fautine Lavie.

Social Relation

Cast & Crew

Sara Pizzi

Choreographer & Dancer

Aika Takeshima

Choreographer & Dancer

Faustine Lavie

Dancer & collaboration in choreography

Mayu Nakaya

Dancer & collaboration in choreography

Takeo Suzuki

Hair Designer

Federica Borlenghi

Costume Designer

Clara Wiest

Associate Costume Designer

performance History


sarAika movement collective presented a piece “I choose myself,” which was strong in eye contact between dancers sharing that human connection described within the description of the piece. The piece was strong in contact, improv manipulating each other in ways society almost manipulates women. There was a strong connection between the dancers that made this piece so powerful and dynamic in addressing the societal issues of the present day.
by an audience

from Creative Performances presents “Our Bodies! A Protest in Dance!” 4/5/2023

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