Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima

Our mission is to help people find freedom and possibilities in themselves using our movements, words, and passion. Thus, achieving our goal that everyone can be authentic to themself, bringing comfort in togetherness, to ultimately grow the strength and bond our community.

We strongly believe in the power of art. It raises individual self confidence, leading to the understanding of diversity, opening the doors to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. No matter one’s career, their being – emotions, opinions, and experiences – are expressed through art, which we capture to bring more truth to the world.

Our art is a form of activism, documenting key issues and topics, highlighting how they may change, and creating space for reflection. For us, art is social action. We make art about and for people. 

For this reason, the themes of our work are always based on the actual sensation of what people need in the moment or something we should let go from us. Sometimes, art makes people laugh, feel light, or reflect about themselves, to find and remember something important or forgotten, like solidarity and unity. 

We make art about and for human. 

Art as a social action

Sara Pizzi was born and raised in Italy. She began her dance studies with Ballet and Modern, but she soon discovered the world of Hip Hop and Commercial/Urban Dances, where she focused her training throughout her teen years. In Italy, she has performed in concerts, music videos, and has appeared in national TV shows as a dancer. When she was 18 years old, Sara came to New York with a scholarship from the Academy of Steps on Broadway. After one year of study, Sara joined the Certificate Program at Peridance Center in New York where she graduated in the summer of 2020. In those three years she discovered her new voice as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. She has had the opportunity to work with International choreographers including Nicholas Palmquist, Julie Magneville, Elisabetta Minutoli, Max Stone, Julia Ehrstrand, and G^2. 

Now, Sara is a performer for “The Next Stage Project” directed by Marijke Elisaberg and Jana Hicks; “VALLETO” from Valeria Y. Gonzales; “Dance Entropy” from Valerie Green; and co-director, choreographer and dancer of “Open Dance Ensemble” by Philip Foster.

In 2020, Sara defined her creative space S|R|P|Z collaborating with local artists in order to achieve her goal of creating art as a non-activist documentary of this world to explain what it should be changed, to give some possibilities of change and create space of reflection. 

Aika Takeshima is a 10+ year career dance artist, writer, and diversity activist from Osaka Japan. From 2014, Aika attended the International Dance Program for 3 years in the academy Peridance Center in NYC working with and for international and national choreographers as Amy Jordan “Victory Dance Project Company”,  Ashlé Dawson “ESTADO INGRAVITTO”, Julia Eshstrand and Elisabetta Minutoli.

Beginning her dance education with hip hop, locking, expanding further to ballet, contemporary, dance-theater, jazz, now her major is improvisation, with a unique mix of many dance styles such as  contemporary, floorwork and locking/popping, taking everything “NOW” —what is around her, what comes into her sight, how she/someone is feeling now etc— and improvise getting inspiration from them, and keep making chains of movements.

In order to help people find more freedom and possibilities in themselves, she creates dance works, writes about art/dance/LGBTQIA+ and founded an organization  LIVABALL in 2020 aiming to make the society more livable in Japan. 


Past works


BLOCKS” is a new kind of online live performance named – Joining Style Performance – premiere on February 26th 8PM EST 2021.

We wanted to break the ordinary idea of performance transforming it in an interactive place to share and discuss concepts together. The performance was created for and with the audience. We improvised movement and words rotating around the concept of the children blocks game. We reacted to everything happening around us and the audience. We let audience, thoughts, dance, events guide us. 



You don’t have to love me, just accept me(my existence).
I acknowledge we cannot agree with everything or everyone.
But We have to respect each other’s existence or boundaries.
We cannot hurt people. Hurting someone is meaningless.
Accepting everyone’s existence is called “coexisting”.

 In this piece, We want to express this message:

“We are totally different, and this is our power and best quality, acceptance for diversity and exploring the unknown is what makes progress and beauty.”


An improv-interactive performance in collaboration with Twisty Bonbon.

Trying to find a way that both you and others can shine, instead of pushing down each other. Each voice is valuable and important. This performance is made for and with you! 

This is going to be our first session together. And, if we can make a good performance, can there be any hints that we can use in other everyday scenes? Or is it something that only we, as artists & art lovers, can do only in this space?

What others are saying

For me, your performance was like a museum: you teach, entertain, and move our emotion at the same time.
Ana Maria Rodriguez

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