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sarAika methodology is a self exploration that explores the daily range of movement of body and mind with floorwork, improvisation skills, story telling, conceptual art and street style influences.



Liberty Hall Dance Festival
Saturday, September 24*
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Duet  “You Don’t Have To Love Me, Just Accept Me”
Don’t miss this special edition of our duet! This is the only and last show to see this duet using all of the beautiful garden space!
Spend an afternoon walking outside along the beautiful museum grounds while enjoying professional dance performances inspired by moments in history. All ages welcome!

Adults $20, Seniors/College Students $15, Children (3-17) $12

*Rain date, Sunday 9/25
With performances by:
Ariel Rivka Dance
Carolyn Dorfman Dance
General Mischief Dance Theatre
Julia Mayo
Kathak Dance Collective, Philadelphia
Loretta D. Fois
Megan Chu / Inimois Dance
Roxey Ballet Company
sarAika movement collective by Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima
Sydney B. Wiggins
This arts program is made possible in part by a 2022 HEART (History, Education, Arts Reaching Thousands) Grant from the Union County Board of County Commissioners.

sarAika movement collective is going to tour in all over Queens county presenting our duet.

Only 2 more dates are left!

1.Sun Sept 18 Gantry State Park 6pm
2. Sun Oct 2 Queens Theatre 5pm

The 2022 Queensboro Dance Festival wraps another fantastic tour of performances throughout Queens with a season finale weekend at Queens Theatre! Presenting 26 Queens-based professional companies of diverse dance cultures and techniques, audiences can experience the World’s Borough through the amazing talents of local dance artists. Genres represented include Colombian, tap, Hula, West African, contemporary, Afro Latin, Chutney, Turkish Gypsy, hip-hop, Kathak, ballroom, Greek, ballet, and Filipino. Different lineup each evening; see all 26 dance companies in 3 shows!

Emerging Artists Theatre Presents 

L TRAIN -New Edition

October 9th, 5pm at TADA Theatre 
Part of the 2022 New Work Series 

Our mission

Make art about and for humans, facilitating their process of finding more freedom and possibilities in themselves, through our movements, words, and passion. 

About us

Sara Pizzi

Choreographer, dancer, director,

conceptual artist

Sara Pizzi is a dancer, choreographer, conceptual artist and director from Italy. In 2020, Sara defined her creative space S|R|P|Z collaborating with local artists in order to achieve her goal of creating art as a non-activist documentary of this world to explain what it should be changed, to give some possibilities of change and create space of reflection. 

Aika Takeshima

Dance artist, choreographer,

DEI practitioner

Aika Takeshima is a dance artist, choreographer, director, and DEI practitioner from Japan. In order to achieve her mission to help people find more freedom and possibilities in themselves ; she creates dance arts and works as a  DEI(Diversity, equity, Inclusion) practitioner aiming to make the society more livable. In 2020, she founded a DEI educational space and got certified as DEI practitioner in 2022.

Our team

Faustine Lavie


Mayu Nakaya


Haley Morgan

Dancer, Administrater & Marketer

Maitlin Jordan


Carol Prud’homme Davis




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sarAika’s mission is to help people find freedom and possibilities in themselves using our movements, words, and passion.
We are devoted to solidifying a community which involves artists, non-artists, minorities and young artists.
If you want to be part of the creation of this community of healing through art, we’ll be glad to have your support and donation.Any small or large donation is greatly appreciated and fundamental to the realization of this project. Your support will assist the realization of our dreams, the empowerment of the dance community, and the longevity of dance.

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