For the best creation, together.

listenning &


We do commit to maximize your company’s artistry and each dancers’ abilities.

Not only we apply our unique choreography/creation style to your company,

We pull up your dancers’ best themselves and maximize your artistry

by listening and trusting you all.


We value
your artistry

What you care will be cared most.
Of course we love to use our artistry and choreography style, but we promise we don't over power you.
We will find the best balance together with you.

we see your dancers
a lot

We pay attention to, observe, and talk with each of your dancers. Their voice is heard by us.
And we pull up each dancer's abilities leading their best themselves.

we discuss
a lot

Before, during, and even after the process.
For the best final product for you.

we are open to hear
your suggestion

We create the work together with you.
We also hear your dancers suggeston.
If those ideas don't match, we discuss again:)
We are always transparent and commit to make the best work. We know that mismatching is normal and it's not a bad thing at all. We believe in us as a team. We go to the goal finding the best solution together!

sarAika movement collective is partnered with LIVABALL – a certified DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) practitioner by Aika Takeshima who is also the co-founder/director of sarAika.

DEI is about going toward to its organizational goal together with diverse pool respecting & maximizing their unique voice & talents.

Many researches have proven that organizations that have diverse, inclusive and equitable environment perform better. Researchers and scholars have documented evidence about the positive correlation between diversity, equity and inclusion and innovation.

Being said, we believe and appreciate everyone’s differences because those are the catalysts to create the most innovative works.

And the most importantly, if everyone is respected and their voice is heard as a team, who will not be happy?

At the end of working with us, you, your dancers, and also we, all of us will be happy.

This is our commission.

DEI practitioner

And the co-founder/director of sarAika movement collective

Aika Takeshima


I could not have asked for better people to trust with this project. You were so open and willing to hear our suggestions (which is rare - most directors are pretty rigid and don't want to take suggestions from actors) and I felt very taken care of and listened to throughout the process.

Did you enjoy this event with us?


Did you feel a sense of belonging with us?


Did you feel safe to be authentic yourself with us?


Did you feel you were respected and valued?


Did we guide you respecting & listening your voice?


Were you satisfied with the final product?


How would you rate our directory/leadership?

How much interested are you in working with us in the future?


For Et Alia Theater “Stella Come Home”

Thank you so much!

We promise to use your support to solidifying a community which involves artists, non-artists, minorities and young artists.

So that you can know about how your support will be used, we will send you our projects/reports by newsletter.