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JUNE 26th 2022






We are Sara Pizzi and Aika Takeshima, directors and founders of a DEI(*) organization “LIVABALL” and a dance company “sarAika movement collective”. As advocators for those who are queer, BIIPOC, from low income family, immigrants, artists, and women, it is vital for us to support them during pride month. 
(*)DEI: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

For NYC Pride March, LIVBALL and sarAika movement collective are teaming up to gather local LGBTQIA+, immigrant, and BIIPOC dancers, musicians, and drag performers and alley for a total of 70 performers.

Our aim is for the parade crowd to experience intersectionality through artistic collaboration. NYC Pride March is the perfect platform to exhibit our success and celebrate how “being different” is the resolution for a brighter future. Rather than the othering that our culture maintains, we understand that being authentic to who you are and embracing every aspect of your identity and others creates a livable society for all. Joining the Pride March is how we are reclaiming space for queer artists to be celebrated while advocating for their rights, as well as showing the crowd of NYC the strength, beauty, and power that we hold. 

Therefore, we contacted with musicians, dancers, drag performers, and any other artists who are willing to support our cause, having fun & bringing what each participant loves to do and is passionate about .

We welcomed anyone who wants to enjoy the biggest Pride Parade as volunteers, marching with artists of various diciplines.

 Musician: 5 songs in their original keys. The music sheet is here.
(Any instruments that you can play while you walk without electricity & laud enough to compete with the laud noises of the audience). Horns & percussions are preferable. 

-Dancing Queen – ABBA
-Like a Virgin – Madonna
-September – Earth Wind and Fire
-I want you back- Jackson 5
-Take on me – Aha

Dancer: 8×8 choreography to memorize prior to the parade. During the march, you will dance this choreography during the chorus of each music track, will do improvisation, walking smiling and celebrating Pride. sarAika is going to provide props, you personally have to provide costumes. 

Drag performer or visual artist: Open to any kind of proposal as long as each action/movement/behavior is not going to be violent, extreme vulgar, disrespectful, or harmful.

LIVABALL is a DEI organization in support of any diversity group with the goal of making society more livable for everyone. LIVABALL is funded by the NYC based dance artist/choreographer Aika Takeshima, who is also the co-founder of sarAika movement collective with Sara Pizzi. We strongly believe in the power of art and collaboration: It raises individual self confidence, leading to the understanding of diversity, opening the doors to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Showing “many differences all together doing great things with a lot of fun” is effective to society and can find resolution for people that struggle because of differences and discrimination. Therefore, this time LIVABALL decided to join as VOLUNTEER the NYC PRIDE PARADE with sarAika movement collective involving dancers and musicians of various disciplines. Our cause is open and inclusive: We are a group of artists who want to contribute to this society through the power of art. Therefore, your art and time will not be compensated, but it will be a great opportunity to reconnect with the meaning of community, solidarity and making art for people. Thank you so much again for giving your attention and reading our message – we hope you can join us

Contact: contact@saraikacreation.


  • Organizers: Aika Takeshima & Sara Pizzi
  • Main music director: Tsugumi TwistyBonBon
  • Music director(making music sheets): Stephanie Old
  • Assistant music director: Nathan Dies
  • sarAika team leader: Faustine Lavie
  • sarAika dance captain: Marion Helfenstein
  • Drag queen team leader: Lavy
  • Guest dance company: Umami playground dance company NY






Carol Prud’homme Davis

Douglas Keith Davis

Inside Change Inc.

Cristina Loss


Chuchu Zhan, Michelle Ulerich, MAMIKO KISHINE, TOMOKO WATANABE, sayaka togamori, MASAHIRO NORO, Kumi Hirose , Hwajin Kim, Jiemin Y., Aiko Hiraguri, Ayako Shida, AIMI TAKAESU, Guangmin Shen, AYUMI MORISHIMA, HARUNA TONODA, Fumi Somehara, MIKI MORISHITA, Michiko Oyama,    









Thank you so much!

We promise to use your support to solidifying a community which involves artists, non-artists, minorities and young artists.

So that you can know about how your support will be used, we will send you our projects/reports by newsletter.