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Special International Collaboration Class

sarAika × Katia Tubini from Italy Collab class 
6/19/2024 6-8pm
@Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, Studio1 (248 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023)



  • Reflective Floorwork choreography by sarAika
  • LPP Dance Company’s Repertoire by the choreographer Katia Tubini from Italy

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima

What people say about our class?

I love that your approach to movement is how to link each movement the most efficiently, without using extraneous effort. It’s a very inspiring and healthy way of approaching movement, as opposed to trying to hit a bunch of cool moves or move with draining muscular effort. I think your approach of moving organically can be applied to every class you teach, no matter what repertory/phrase is being taught, and that makes me excited to keep coming back to dance together.
Kristen Hedberg
The warm-up felt effective, and it safely prepared me to dance larger. The mini-phrase continued to warm me up and I appreciated its leading into the larger phrase.
A dancer in NYC
新たなヒントたくさんいただきました。 アイカさん自身がニューヨークのダンスシーンで感じていらっしゃること等、お聞かせいただいた上で間近で動きを見せていただきましたが、五感に真っ直ぐ届くご指導が たまらなく刺激的であり、勉強になりました。 I received a lot of new tips. Hearing about Aika's experiences and feelings in New York dance scene watching her movements.. and the guidance that directly touched all five senses was irresistibly stimulating and educational.
A dancer in Japan
体の細かいところまで意識して動くのが気持ちよくて、ずっと続けていたかったです。 I felt so good to be conscious of every detail of my body, and I wanted to keep doing it forever.
A dancer in Japan
普段自分がしない動きを体験できたことがとても貴重でした。でも、この日だけの特殊なものではなくて、自分が持っているポテンシャルというか…自由さや可能性を感じることができたのが収穫です。It was very valuable to be able to experience movements that I don't normally do. However, it wasn't just something special that happened that day, but also the potential I have...I was able to feel the freedom and possibilities that I have.
A dancer in Japan

Company Class


sarAika is very proud of our company dancers because they are all different.  Each of them has their own unique speciality and that makes sarAika’s work special. 

Company classes are a great opportunity to work with the former, current and future sarAika members.

sarAika wants to give space to the artistry and knowledge of the artists that are contributing to the realization of this movement collective.

Our goal is to inspire and open possibilities for our artists who crave to develop their own artistry.

Get inspired by their one and only artistry/experience! 

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima

Private class

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima


Private classes are all about you.

Are you an ambitious over-achiever? Want to take your skills to the next level?

We personalize each dance lesson based on your individual needs, desires, and goals, adjusting our teaching plan to your ability, personality, and expectations. This ensures the most thorough and rapid learning process, all while keeping it fun, easy, and comfortable.

We accommodate each student’s schedule and create a custom tuition plan that makes each personal goal affordable.

It’s a great way for both beginners to get started and seasoned dancers to take their skills to the next level.

Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

  • Personalized attention
  • Custom lesson guide
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Fastest way to learn and progress

Nervous about taking class with others? No need to impress anyone, focus on your body and we’ll take care of the rest. Our private lessons take the edge off and allow you to move at a pace that’s comfortable for you. We will make it easy, while keeping it fun and light.

Floor-work focused class

sarAika movement collective

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima


Looking for a way to improve your floorwork without relying on power? Want to maximize your body’s potential? Interested in adding fluidity and dynamism to your dance without using excessive power? If that sounds like you, then our class is perfect for you! Our focus is on safe and efficient methods of floor movement, utilizing joint efficiency and momentum. We aim to help you develop reflective floorwork, a full range of motion, and to dance organically, using your body’s natural functions, rather than relying on power. We’ll teach you how to dance bigger without using excess power. Instead, you’ll learn how to effectively use your joints and momentum to move from your spine for your full range of motion.

sarAika movement collective

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima

Improvisation focused class

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima


How you, she, he, they and I behave when something sad happens are all different. That means each one’s improvisation should be different. Our improvisation class focuses on YOU, YOURSELF. You don’t have to follow a “sad movement” that is considered a “sad” in general. Do your own thing! But it has to be authentic. 

Our focus is your authentic emotion into movements and finding new ways to move, new body parts you never used.

For example, try to move from your nose and chin.  These should be different.

If you don’t find the difference, or you want to show it to us, this class is for you!

Dance for actors class

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima


-Amplify your voice in movements-

This class focuses on actors or those who do movement theater.

Differently from trained dancers, you might not have a lot of physical mobility yet. 
BUT! You have an amazing ability to pull up your emotions!
The only thing you need is to get a bit more physical mobility and break down the emotions into movement.

We will guide you slowly with warmups that increase your physical ability(flexibiliy & strength). And we move forward to more movements, emotions and tips on how to make your movements look more professional.

You are welcomed to bring your own short story that you want to explore in movements.

Et Alia Theater

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima


Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima


Focus on your growth as a creator.

Are you wondering where & how to start your career as a dance artist properly? Do you want to create a show, but never tried or need more pushing with guidance by experienced creators? Do you want to know when/what/how/where to promote your show and how to get press? 

Mentorship is the best way to challenge what you’ve wanted to do! You will have no worry because we will keep assisting you.

Combining with private dance classes is available.

Instructors: Sara Pizzi & Aika Takeshima

Maitlin's class

by David Rauch

Dates: November 1st (Tue), 10:30am-12.00:pm 
Location: 100 Grand (100 Grand St. #2 New York, NY 10013)

Contemporary - beginner/intermediate

Maitlin’s class will focus on the use of our body’s natural rhythms and musicality while working on moving with intention and authenticity. Class begins with a warm-up of stretching, strengthening, and breathing. Then moves through different improvisational works and choreography.


  • Warm-up: set the tone/intention for the class and our movement, stretch and strength warm up. 
  • Basic Exercises: Exercises in the center emphasizing isolations, use of weight, suspension and opposition. Across the floor work focusing on musicality, weight, and self expression.
  • Improvisation work finding different accents and textures. 
  • Choreography: phrase work to exemplify different qualities worked on throughout class and to show individuality within the work.
  • Cool down, focusing on centering ourselves and reflection of work. 

Maitlin Jordan is a full time New York City-based teaching and performance artist.
A graduate of the University of South Florida and rigorous Limon Professional Studies program in New York City, Maitlin was hand-picked by the artistic director, Colin Connor, of the Limon Dance Company to perform as a guest artist during the Limon Dance Company’s 2018-2019 season. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Maitlin has performed at venues such as: The Joyce Theatre, Aaron Davis Hall, Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Tank, Triskelion Arts, among many others. She is presently working with choreographers such as: Kathryn Alter, Colin Connor, Bridgit Stanton, Sandra Robbins, sarAika movement collective and several others. Her improv work can be seen in various videos for musical artists, and showcases such as Dance Astoria, Calling All Magic, and L TRAIN Production. 

Alongside her own performance career, Maitlin is currently on faculty as a modern, Contemporary, and Jazz teacher at Dance Matters NYC,  leads the Dance Education Program at the Academy of the City Charter School, and has set award-winning choreography for several dance studios along the east coast. 

Faustine's class

by David Rauch

Dates: November 8th, 11:00am-12.30:pm
Location: 100 Grand (100 Grand St. #2 New York, NY 10013)

Contemporary - intermediate/advanced

(*Clothes that cover your shoulders, long sleeves and long pants recommended. No tank tops.)

Faustine’s class will explore different ways to approach movement and dance. It will start with various exercises to awaken the body, feel all your joints and activate all your muscles, starting with some yoga, followed by a few modern exercises into improvisation. After the warmup, Faustine will challenge you on the floor and teach you some floorwork movements that will be used in the combination taught at the end of the class. During this combo, Faustine will encourage you to play with different dynamics and rhythms, as well as exploring different qualities and textures. 


  • Follow along yoga to wake up, stretch and strengthen the body. 
  • Exercises to activate different muscles, engage your core, feel the floor and shift your weight such as pliés, tendus, etc. 
  • Improvisation to explore different qualities of movement, challenge your balance, and feel the energy around you. 
  • Challenging floorwork and then combination, that will include the floor movements taught before and play with dynamics and textures. And of course, have fun!!

Faustine Lavie was born in Toulon, France, where she started ballet at 3 years old. She then studied in different renowned dance schools such as Paris Opera Ballet School and ESDE Rosella Hightower, before moving to NYC in 2015 to attend The Ailey School, where she graduated from the Certificate Program in May 2018. Faustine had the opportunity to perform works by many choreographers, such as Darrell Grand Moultrie, Manuel Vignouille, Winston Dynamite Brown, Amy Hall Garner, Fredrick Earl Mosley, Clifton Brown and Shay Bland. She is currently a company member with iKADA Contemporary Dance Company, LaneCoArts, sarAika, The DynamitExperience, Keiko Fuji Dance Company and Six Degrees Dance. She founded Faustine Lavie Dance Project in 2020. The company has already performed in Philadelphia and NYC, including Kn) Theater at Peridance Center, Bridge For Dance, and New York City Center Studios.

Haley's class

by Alexander Sargent

Dates: November 15th, 12:30pm-2.00:pm
Location: 100 Grand St #2, NY 10013


Haley’s class focuses on play, experimentation, and process as product. We begin with journal prompts and move into guided and task based warm ups working from the floor to standing. We will introduce the use of our voice through dance theater prompts and games. The culminating movement phrase will be offered as a creative experiment to explore. 

Haley Morgan Miller is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She observes the existence of movement in all things from nature to technology – gentle choreographies of time passing. Sensitive to these patterns, her creations derive digital realms and physical apparitions to zoom in on emotional entanglements, stories, and inquiries. Haley is a creative director and co-producer of Fabled Narcissism arts events. Her media art and creative technology has been presented at Art She Says, Rubulad, and Paraffin. Haley’s choreography has been shown at Movement Research, Christina Noel & The Creature, Fabled Narcissism, Marinnovators Science and Technology Festival, and Vision Series Festival. She has presented films at Anyplace Anytime Online Dance Film Festival by Cross Move Lab, FRAMES Virtual Festival hosted by Collective Exchange, and Saint Bimbo’s Film Church. Haley is a company member with sarAika movement collective, and Chloe Kastner Dance Company. She was pleased to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022. As an AR filter creator she has designed for fashion brands, musicians, dance companies, tattoo artists, and events. Haley graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Contemporary Dance from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, where she performed work by Mark Morris, Juel D. Lane, Michael Figueroa, Jun Kuribayashi. 

Mayu's class

by David Rauch

Dates: November 17th, 12:30pm-2.00:pm
Location: 100 Grand St #2, NY 10013

Contemporary - intermediate

Mayu’s class will bring her background in Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, and Improvisation to get back to basics and focus on how to move your body and the quality of movement.
Also, circulate the energy from the ground into the lower body’s foundation and approach to space, pursuing a rooted strength and free and dynamic physical expression.
Very welcome everyone from advanced dancers to beginners who want to learn to dance well.


  • Warm-up (stretch and balance training)
  • Basic Exercises (Exercises with center ballet and floor work. goal: To move your body freely and dynamically, utilizing plie, shifting the weight, contraction and release, and swinging movements.)
  • Choreography (Phrase work.goal: Aware of the fine interlocking of the body, the connection of energy from the ground, and the body’s approach to space, and pursue the quality of movement through choreography.)


Mayu Nakaya is a dancer and choreographer from Japan. She moved to New York City in 2019 and studied at The Ailey School scholarship program for two years.
Currently, she is a member of the sarAika Movement Collective and Helen Simoneau Danse, Yu.S.Artistry, and the improvisation-based company Open Dance Ensemble with Philip Ellis Foster. In Addition, she has presented her solo piece at several showcases as a freelance artist.
She started ballet training when she was three years old. After then, she learned contemporary dance and choreography, gaining a lot of performing experience at the Contemporary Dance Course in the Performing Arts Department at Tokyo Metropolitan High School of Arts and the Dance Laboratory at the University of Tsukuba of Physical Education. 
From 2016 to 2019, she participated in several dance competitions in Japan and the Seoul International Dance Competition, dancing her choreographies, and always qualifying as a finalist and winner. She has worked with Jesse Obremski and Jie-Hung Connie Shiau at Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance(2022) and Yoshihito Sakuraba in New York City.

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