Be part of the beautiful NYC PRIDE MARCH this year!

JUNE 25th 2023

CALL TIME: 12:45
MEET AT: 29th Street Between 6th Ave and 5th Ave (Approach from 6th)
PARADE ROUTE: please see the map

Marching will finish approximately around 4pm.

Calling for DANCERS & DRAG PERFORMERS to march alongside musicians!!

  • Dancers: Easy routine choreographies during the chorus of each song and improvisation with colorful ribbons, walk, and have fun! You will dance to the live music! (*Choreography will be sent a week prior to the marching day.)
  • Drag performers: Dressup, walk, have fun, dance if you want and be you!
  • Others: Holding a prop (banner, ribbon, flags, anything else that may be helpful to support the performers), etc and have fun! 

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We are a dance company sarAika movement collective and a DEI(*) consultant LIVABALL. As advocators for those who are queer, BIIPOC, from low income family, immigrants, artists, and women, it is vital for us to support them during pride month by joining the march with our profesional talents!
(*)DEI: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

We are going to attend the NYC Pride March this year again with musicians!

Last year, 34 dancers, 12 musicians, 2 drag performers, and 8 more people joined the PRIDE MARCH with us!

LIVABALL is a DEI consultant in support of any diversity group with the goal of making society more livable for everyone. LIVABALL is funded by the NYC based dance artist/choreographer Aika Takeshima, who is also the co-founder of sarAika movement collective with Sara Pizzi. We strongly believe in the power of art and collaboration: It raises individual self confidence, leading to the understanding of diversity, opening the doors to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Showing “many differences all together doing great things with a lot of fun” is effective to society and can find resolution for people that struggle because of differences and discrimination. Therefore, we join as VOLUNTEER the NYC PRIDE PARADE  involving dancers and musicians of various disciplines. Our cause is open and inclusive: We are a group of artists who want to contribute to this society through the power of art. Therefore, your art and time will not be compensated, but it will be a great opportunity to reconnect with the meaning of community, solidarity and making art for people.

Our aim is for the parade crowd to experience intersectionality through artistic collaboration. NYC Pride March is the perfect platform to exhibit our success and celebrate how “being different” is the resolution for a brighter future. Rather than the othering that our culture maintains, we understand that being authentic to who you are and embracing every aspect of your identity and others creates a livable society for all. Joining the Pride March is how we are reclaiming space for queer artists to be celebrated while advocating for their rights, as well as showing the crowd of NYC the strength, beauty, and power that we hold. 

Thank you so much again for giving your attention and reading our message – we hope you can join us!


  • Organizers: Aika Takeshima & Sara Pizzi
  • Music director: Tsugumi TwistyBonBon

Thank you so much!

We promise to use your support to solidifying a community which involves artists, non-artists, minorities and young artists.

So that you can know about how your support will be used, we will send you our projects/reports by newsletter.